A UNIQUE entrance to the world of technical cinema professions, our courses are open to all groups emerging from the next generation, workers changing careers, and all industry workers looking to expand their knowledge, while considering the notions of equality and inclusivity. Thanks to our tailored short-duration courses, our graduates can quickly access a job market where employment insecurity no longer exists.

Our mission:
Produce the best film crews

Market potential

The film industry is continuously growing, despite occasional spikes or an atypical year like 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to data collected by the Quebec film and television council (QFTC), the audiovisual sector in Quebec recorded production values of 2 Billion CAD in 2019, including 839M CAD for foreign film production and related production services, a rise of 18% compared to 2018. According to the BCTQ, the overall market projections for Quebec in 2023 stand at 2.24 Billion CAD.

It’s noteworthy that the overall growth perspective of the industry is excellent with a steady increase in the number of productions, particularly in TV series and mini-series for online platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, Disney Plus, which are gaining more and more favor among younger audiences.

Training center for technical cinema professions

For several years, the film and television industry has faced a growing shortage of labor. All producer associations and technician unions agree on this talent scarcity for most professions. Our center’s goals are to produce the best film crews in Quebec, setting the industry’s learning standard, and capitalizing on our pride, creativity, and talent in the audiovisual industry. Essential, this UNIQUE gateway will ensure promoting its current training courses to industry workers wishing to update their knowledge and to introduce this training to various cultural communities, taking into account the notions of equality, inclusivity, while including groups emerging from the next generation and workers changing careers.

Our technical cinema professions center will ensure a qualified workforce for this industry, where new technologies and the increase of new productions are growing. Thanks to these tailored short-duration courses, this workforce can quickly access the job market where employment insecurity no longer exists.